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Current Buoy Positions And Drift Tracks
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Sea Ice Melt in Summer 2013
MooringsBuoy 2014FMooringsBuoy 2013FBuoy 2014EBuoy 2014BBuoy 2014CBuoy 2013FBuoy 2012GMoorings


Buoy 2012G:
Buoy 2013F:

Buoy 2014B:

Buoy 2014C:

Buoy 2014E:

Buoy 2014F:

Mooring Info:    

75.06 N, 160.9 W
Installed in 2011

Currently there is one mooring installed and 6 active autonomous mass balance buoys.

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The changing  Arctic sea ice cover

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Perovich, D., J. Richter-Menge, B. Elder, T. Arbetter, K. Claffey, and C. Polashenski, Observing and understanding climate change: Monitoring the mass balance, motion, and thickness of Arctic sea ice, , 2014.