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Caution: Data presented on this page are provisional.


ID Code: 300025010017080
Date:  August 6, 2011 - August 15, 2012
Type: Multi-year ice
Initial Location: Beaufort
Deployment: Beaufort Gyre - WHOI
Co-located Instruments: Ice Tethered Profiler,
Arctic Ocean Flux Buoy, UptempO, 3 Ice Beacons - UAF

Current Buoy Data:


2011J position/track map

Map of drift track.

Top (snow & ice) surface and bottom surface locations.

Click on the data plots for full size plots.

Air Temperature

Atmospheric Pressure


Click here for 2011J_Preliminary Data

Preliminary data is in Comma Separated Variable (csv) text file format. Graphs and Data are processed by an automated system and should be used with appropriate caution. Once the buoy is no longer operational, the preliminary data will be finalized for the Archive.

To obtain information on the datafiles contact Bruce Elder at